Impact USA

In partnership with Bpifrance, Business France runs twice a year Impact USA, a 10-week acceleration program to help the best French startups successfully launch in the US. Impact USA is based both in San Francisco and New York and has been named by CB Insights “Most active accelerator for French Startups” in 2017.

  • 82% of graduated companies are now established in the US with a local team
  • over $120M of VC funding have been secured since program was launched in 2014
  • 200+ US sales contracts have been sourced by Impact USA.
  • +50% workforce in graduated companies post Impact.

French Tech Tour America by Business France and Bpifrance

The 2-week on site program to validate your roadmap in North America. Launched 10 years ago in San Francisco, it has been successfully duplicated in Canada, with dozens of alumni becoming awesome stories: Criteo of course, but also BIME (now Zendesk), Dataiku, Followanalytics, Ivalua, Moodstocks (now Google), etc.

For the first time in 2017, FTT America addresses two tracks : 14 companies will be introduced in the USA and 7 in Canada.

These 21 companies will work upstream with Business France teams to design and execute an action plan based on their needs and their strategies for the North American market. One goal : get ready for their launch within the next 12-18 months.

Participants will benefit from 2 full weeks to generate immediate business opportunities. They will attend qualified 1:1 meetings with potential clients and partners.

Key facts :

  • 100+ Alumnis
  • 60+ Partners
  • 2500+ meetings

NUMA New York

An offshoot of NUMA World, NUMA New York runs a ten-week program for non-US startups designed to accelerate entry into the New York market. Focusing on User Acquisition, B2B Sales and/or Fundraising, NUMA New York leverages its deep network in the New York ecosystem to facilitate a strong transition into the New York market, creating lasting value for program participants. To be considered for the NUMA startup program, companies must have established traction at home or POC in US markets, as well as a minimum of $500k-2M investment or sales.      

●     Over 350 startups accelerated by NUMA with an 82% survival rate

●     6 prestigious participants since program inception in January 2018

●     85% of graduated companies are now established in the US with a local team

●     NUMA assists companies in accessing five markets around the world: US, Latin America, India, Europe, North Africa

NUMA NY receives on average 600+ applications from around the world per call for applications and selects a maximum of 5 startups per season.

French American Creative Lab

The French-American Creative Lab is an intensive, 10-day program that includes networking sessions, meetings, seminars, and creative sessions for content creators and startups in the culture sector. During the sessions, participants will engage in themed workshops relating to intercultural topics and technology creation. These sessions aim to encourage participants to think deeply about the fundamental building blocks and value of their projects in order to view them from a new angle. These seminars will also tackle how to launch a project in a different cultural and economic context.

In addition to the seminars, participants will benefit from individual mentorship. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers over the course of several creative sessions, aimed at helping participants develop connections with large cultural institutions (museums, operas, television channels, audiovisual production companies, publishing houses, brands, and music distributors).

The French-American Creative Lab // Connecting Cultures has been created in partnership with a diverse group of professionals including engineers, journalists, entrepreneurs, producers, and other leaders of the culture sectors. 

The Lab is supported by the expertise of top-notch host incubators like Numa, Gaîté Lyrique, Créatis, Paris&Co, and hosted in New York by the Made in NY Media Center by IFP, that will collaborate with the Cultural Services and Business France to define a program for the French-American Creative Lab.

DreamStart1234 by CCE

In 2015, the CCE's of the US North-East chapter created "CCE DreamStart1234", a business group dedicated to the mentoring of French startups trying to establish a foothold in, or expand into, the US market.

Selected for their competence and international experience, the ‘Foreign Trade Advisors of France' (CCEs) are top executives who are all benevolent, and are appointed for three years by decree of the Prime Minister of France upon the recommendation of the Minister for International Affairs and Foreign Trade. For more than 120 years, their mission has been to promote France, its presence in the world, its image, its influence and its foreign trade.

CCEs are all recognized French leaders of the US business community. They bring considerable local and international expertise and a network of unmatched value. With their experience of the North American market and their international expertise, CCEs are perfectly positioned to help startups maximize their chances of success by giving them access to their professional networks as well as to the collective knowledge of the CCE group. There are over one hundred of them located in New York or close to New York City.

Their combined experiences cover all areas of business, from manufacturing to services , from very large to small and medium size enterprises and from commodities to luxury goods or new technologies. They can assist French startups navigate the local environment in dealing with strategic considerations and finding local contacts. In other words, they will help the startups avoid frequent pitfalls.