Bpifrance : the public investment bank

Bpifrance helps entrepreneurs become global.

You are an entrepreneur in France, eager to conquer the US market?

Bpifrance offers a range of financing products (debt) as needed (increase your cash flow, grow your business and finance your growth, guarantee your bank loans, innovate) : soft loans (repayable advance, zero yield loan), investment loan to support your fundraising (1 euro loan for 2 euros raised), loan for Innovation (if your company has more than 3 years).

Bpifrance, acting as a VC, also has 4 direct investment funds to reinforce your equity: Digital Fund (tickets <10Meuros), Large Venture Fund (tickets > 10Meuros), Biotechnology and Environmental Technologies.

You are an entrepreneur in the United States wishing to open a subsidiary in France?

Bpifrance can also meet your financing needs of your French subsidiary or even intervene in equity.

Bpifrance has an office in San Francisco and in New York, to better assist you.

The Guide to NYC Tech

This all encompassing guide to NYC tech will reveal just how large and diverse NYC tech community has become and why it's has become a true digital leader and pioneer. To provide a complete picture of the landscape I've included many topics including trends, startups by sector, angel and venture investors, service providers, educational institutions, strategic partners, news and information, community, and many more. My goal of this guide is to raise awareness of the NYC tech ecosystem and help newcomers and veterans navigate the ever changing landscape here. Steve Schlafman

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